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Stopping A Wage Garnishment

Written by admin on August 28, 2013. Posted in Can debt consolidation stop wage garnishment, Can i stop a garnishment on my wages, Stop irs garnishment

How can i stop a garnishment

Thousands of Americans each year face the problem of needing help with their IRS tax issues, because they have found themselves in debt. Only 7 states do not impose an income tax on their residents. For the other 43 states, becoming in debt due to the IRS is a common thing. When an individual falls in debt to the country, they become fearful of the tax levy.

What is a tax levy? A tax levy is also known as IRS wage garnishments, which is when a portion of the indebt tax payers paycheck is taken in order to make up for the debt that they have. Most try to avoid wage garnishment, but sometimes, that is what it comes down too. The IRS will force an employer t