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Are you in danger of accruing a tax debt with the IRS?

Written by admin on July 1, 2013. Posted in How can i stop wage garnishment, Stop irs wage garnishment, Wage garnishment help

Stopping my wage garnishment

Are you in need of help navigating through the exhausting amount of IRS garnishment laws? Stopping a garnishment can be a complicated process. If you’re in a lot of debt to the IRS then trying to avoid wage garnishment or a tax levy is the best thing to do, though it can often be tricky. Fortunately, by utilizing one of over a million tax preparers throughout the United States, as estimated by the Cato Institute, you and other Americans can hope to stop tax garnishment and avoid the ire of Americas tax men altogether.

With the Revenue Act of 1861, the first federal income tax was established in hopes of getting added funding for the American Civil War. Since that time tax rates have varied from ten to almost forty perce