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Being Smart About Dental Care

Written by admin on August 15, 2013. Posted in Gum disease causes, Kansas city gum disease

Treatment for gum disease

A healthy smile is vital to everyday life. 99.7 percent of Americans agree a healthy smile is a vital asset to social interactions, and it is also proven to contribute to a more successful career. Clean teeth can boost your confidence and make you more outgoing. Keeping them clean, though, can be scary for a lot of people. There is a certain stigma surrounding dental offices, but new advancements have made them a lot more accessible.

There was a time when the peak of dental care was wooden replacement teeth. One name that likely comes to mind is George Washington, but he actually did not have them. They were at one point very common though, dating all the way back to Japan in the 16th century. Luckily, we do not have to deal with these today. Tooth loss is at an all time low and superior technology