All on Four Implants Can Create a Beautiful Smile

Dental implants in one day

So many Americans, in fact 99.7 percent, feel that their smile is a very important social asset. In fact, about 74 percent feel that a bad smile can hurt the chances at career success. This is why so many people are considering cosmetic dental procedures such as all on four implants. Most of these people considering or having dental procedures done are female. According to the AACD, about 74 percent of all cosmetic dental patients are female. Additional statistics say that approximately 600,000 people had dental veneers in 2006.

Dental porcelain is considered the best option to make false teeth and crowns with because it mimics tooth enamel very accurately. All on four implants also use dental porcelain.

So just what are all on four implants? It is a treatment that uses a permanent, screw retained replacement for upper or lower sets of teeth. All on four implants are a good option for people with tooth loss or decay. All on four implants are also a great procedure for people who have experienced bone loss in the jaw that will not allow the placement of dental implants. The all on four implants basically gives a patient a bridge or denture that is placed only on four posts or implants, hence the name all on four implants.

If you are considering implants or another type of cosmetic teeth surgery, you first step is to contact a cosmetic dentist office. Your dental specialist can discuss the options open to you including all on four implants. Your dentist can also discuss the costs to all on four implants or other cosmetic dentistry prices. Your dental professional should also discuss how the procedures work so that you will understand how the all on four implants will affect your life. This means you will want to understand how long the procedure takes and how long the recovery time may be.

When you are ready to contact a dental implant clinic for all on four implants, you can get a referral from your regular dentist, or even from friends and family. You will soon be on your way to having a healthy, bright smile.
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