Three Family Issues, and the Help That Is Available

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Family issues and problems can have a terrible range of sources, from domestic abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health issues, divorce, and more. Fortunately, family help is available from many sources including counselors, rehabilitation centers, therapists, and psychologists. Alcohol abuse, divorce, and mental health issues are three common problems that you may find are affecting your family. Read on to get an idea of the kind of help you may need.

1. Alcohol abuse.

Approximately, one in four children are living with a parent with an alcohol problem. The children of alcoholics are unfortunately four times more likely to also develop an addiction or abusive relationship with alcohol. If there is a family history of alcohol abuse, or a family member currently suffering from it, a combination of therapy and rehabilitation programs are the best bet for moving forward.

2. Divorce.

Finances, living arrangements, and jobs are all impacted when a family experiences a divorce. The sad reality is that one in three marriages ends in divorce. For second and third marriages, the rate of divorce jumps to one of every two marriages ending in divorce. The American Psychological Association has found that research suggests that children of divorced parents tend to adjust well in approximately two years following a divorce. It has also been found that where parents stayed together, but in conflict, the children suffered more because of it.

If a marriage is irreconcilable, it may be best to pursue a divorce in a civilized, rational, and healthy way. For marriages that have a chance for recovery, relationship counseling and family therapy could be valuable tools to repairing the rift between partners. Advice on family issues particular to divorce is widely available from authoritative sources, such as the American Psychological Association, the National Institutes of Health, and counseling professionals.

3. Mental health.

Family issues specific to mental health are often the most difficult to cope with. It is estimated that one in four young people will experience anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. Because a mental health issue is rarely curable, seeking ongoing and proper treatment is the most important thing. If a family member is struggling with mental health problems, then having the support of the rest of the family will be crucial to their ability to cope and adjust. Individual therapy, family therapy, and in some cases lifestyle changes or prescription drugs may be necessary to help with mental health issues.

Serious problems rarely resolve themselves, so if your family is experiencing one of the three issues described in this article, then it is up to you to seek out professional help. There are many professionals trained to help family problems, and many families who are likely in the same position as yours.

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  1. You know the professionals are not there to referee or say which side is right. They are there to provide an objective viewpoint.

  2. You know the professionals are not there to referee or say which side is right. They are there to provide an objective viewpoint.

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