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What to Know About Tax Trouble

Written by admin on August 19, 2013. Posted in Federal income tax help, Federal tax help, Help with federal taxes

Help with federal taxes

Managing finances is harder today than it has been in a long time. Between bills, student loans, and credit card debt, it can be hard to cover everything and still have enough to live on. One aspect that can be incredibly easy to overlook is our taxes.

Taxes have been a part of the American way of life even before this country was officially established. The only difference is before 1776, our money went to the United Kingdom. After that, federal income taxes slowly worked their way into our lives, because it turns out you need money to run a country. This became official in 1861, when the Revenue Act was passed. 43 states followed suit and imposed their own income taxes as well. Granted, all governments in this country provide tax exemption in one way or another on certain income property, and peopl