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Are You a Gardner?

Written by admin on August 27, 2013. Posted in Gardening centers, Suffolk landscape, Williamsburg landscaping

Garden centers

With how bad the economy has been over the past couple years, many people have grown to find an interest in gardening. This is good to do during these hard times because in the long run it could save you money, because you could plant fresh fruits and vegetables, and use them for meals instead of spending money at the store. Among the 68 million gardening households that have a that have a lawn, garden or grow plants in containers, over three quarters of them, 55.5 million households to be exact, have grown edible plants since 2009.

Garden centers say that the average food garden design size in the U.S. is 600 square feet, and although this may not seem extremely over sized, still not many people have the room for it in their yards. This is why more people have looked to alternate options for gardening. Approx