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Why You Should Think Twice About Joint Custody

Written by admin on November 19, 2013. Posted in Galveston child custody attorney, Galveston child custody lawyer, What is an uncontested divorce

What is a uncontested divorce

Did you know that, in any given year, 1 million children will feel the lasting effects of their parents’ separation or divorce? The traditional, or nuclear, family is quickly dissolving, and, today, children are much more likely to live with a single parent only, according to Professor of Sociology at University of Wisconsin-Madison. How do children impact the divorce process, and what should parents take into consideration when determining custody?

Uncontested Divorce With Children

What is an uncontested divorce? An uncontested, or no fault, divorce typically entails a certain level of mutual agreement. Both parties agree to an uncontested divorce, and often breach crucial topics, including divis