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Three Family Issues, and the Help That Is Available

Written by admin on August 23, 2013. Posted in Advice on family issues, Family help, Family issues and problems

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Family issues and problems can have a terrible range of sources, from domestic abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health issues, divorce, and more. Fortunately, family help is available from many sources including counselors, rehabilitation centers, therapists, and psychologists. Alcohol abuse, divorce, and mental health issues are three common problems that you may find are affecting your family. Read on to get an idea of the kind of help you may need.

1. Alcohol abuse.

Approximately, one in four children are living with a parent with an alcohol problem. The children of alcoholics are unfortunately four times more likely to also develop an addiction or abusive relationship with alcohol. If there is a family history of alcohol abuse, or a family member currently suffering from it, a combination of th