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Are You Protected?

Written by admin on November 1, 2013. Posted in How to get insurance, Kansas city car insurance, St. louis car insurance

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Insurance, these days, is extremely common. Chances are if you are an adult, you have at least one kind of insurance, if not several. Three of the most common types of insurance are car insurance, home owner’s insurance and life insurance.

In the United States, 47 of the 50 States require that the owner of a vehicle also have insurance. Even if you live in a state where insurance is not required, there are two reasons why it may still be a good idea to purchase it. First, we typically spend thousands of dollars a year simply to maintain and operate our cars. It only makes sense to spend a little more and protect that investment. Second, car accidents can be really expensive. While not having insurance is alright as long as you do not get involved in an accident, you may wish you had had insuranc