Are You Protected?

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Insurance, these days, is extremely common. Chances are if you are an adult, you have at least one kind of insurance, if not several. Three of the most common types of insurance are car insurance, home owner’s insurance and life insurance.

In the United States, 47 of the 50 States require that the owner of a vehicle also have insurance. Even if you live in a state where insurance is not required, there are two reasons why it may still be a good idea to purchase it. First, we typically spend thousands of dollars a year simply to maintain and operate our cars. It only makes sense to spend a little more and protect that investment. Second, car accidents can be really expensive. While not having insurance is alright as long as you do not get involved in an accident, you may wish you had had insurance after it is too late. Car insurance prices will depend on the value of the car, the driver’s history and geographic location. These days, it is easy to find the cheapest car insurance quotes using the internet, that way know you will not over pay.

Another very common form of insurance is home owner’s insurance. In the United States, an estimated 95% of homes are covered by home owner’s insurance. Unfortunately, as many as 50% of homes in high risk areas are currently uninsured. This is often because people are who live in these areas are too poor to afford an insurance policy.

Life insurance is yet another common form of insurance in the United States. Life insurance is a contractual agreement whereby the insured pays an insurance company monthly with the understanding that should the insured die or become incapacitated, the insurance company will pay a sum to a named beneficiary, usually a dependent family member. Life insurance is a good way to protect a family’s well being in situations where the family would be significantly financially harmed by the loss of income generated by the insured. How much life insurance costs per month is based on the insured’s age and health.

If you would like more information on any of these insurance types, search the internet. You can also get an insurance quote online from various companies. This way you can compare quotes so you know you are getting the cheapest car insurance quotes, home owner’s insurance quotes or life insurance quotes. Get more on this here: St. louis car insurance

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  1. I did not know there were states where car insurance was not required. Personally, I think everyone who drives should have it. Accidents happen and insurance makes the whole process afterwards easier.

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