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Water Damage, Preventing It, and Cleaning It up

Written by admin on November 11, 2013. Posted in Damage from floods, Flood damage mitigation, Water damage clean up service

Water damage insurance

Thinking water damage? It is important to consider what insurance for water damage your homeowner’s insurance provides. Often, homeowner’s insurance will cover water damage that is the result of a bad storm, however flooding does not count and is typically left uncovered. Another aspect of water damage that is regularly lacks coverage is slow or gradual water damage that builds after an extended period of time. Gradual water damage can be caused by small leaks in either pipes, or roofing.

There are ways to protect against the water damages that homeowner’s insurance will not cover. The keys for preventing water damage are in knowing that it is possible and to account for it.

While acts of nature are highly unpredictable and the even the best laid plans can be washed away in the event of a large floo