Do You Have Moving and Storage Problems? I Just Might Have the Solution

Self storage pods

When you think of self storage, what comes to mind? Cramming your garage full of so much stuff, you can’t walk through it, much less park a car inside? If you’re like most Americans with garages, that’s the case. But, there is a better way. There’s a method that you can use that will not only allow you to easily and comfortably navigate your stored belongings, but also free up your garage in the process.

  • Portable Storage Solutions
  • The solution is simple. And we’ve all seen them dotted through neighborhoods just like our own. It’s a portable storage unit. Renting a unit allows you the freedom and ease of accessing your stored items right on your own property, without cluttering up your closets, attic, basement, garage, spare bedroom, et cetera. All you need in order to have your storage unit kept on site is the room and level ground. It’s that simple. You don’t even need to drive somewhere to access your stored goods.

  • Portable Storage Rentals
  • The beauty of renting a portable storage unit is that it is exceedingly cheap. Whether you need inexpensive storage solutions for a week, or an indefinite amount of time, it is an incredibly affordable alternative to renting a stationary storage unit at a facility. You get to keep it on your own property, and don’t need to pay for any unnecessary amenities.

  • Portable Storage Bins
  • If the concept sounds familiar, but you can’t quite place what a portable storage unit it, let me refresh your memory. These units are the big metal boxes, with roll up doors at one end. They can vary in size, but are usually around the same size as a mid-sized moving truck. You could probably fit your entire house in one. This is useful to you because, even if you don’t need to store your entire house, it allows you easy access to all of your belongings that are stored. You don’t need to worry about unpacking the entire unit if you need to access something that was stored way in the back.

Think about how amazing these portable storage units are. And now apply their ease and convenience to moving. That’s right! You can move your whole house with a portable storage unit, and never even need to drive a big, unwieldy moving truck in the process. The next time you have a move coming up, or you find that your house is a bit more cluttered than you’d like it, make sure that a storage unit comes to mind first. Read more.

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