10 Safe Car Driving Tips to Remember on the Road – Auto Trader California

Death of up to 50 to a whopping 50 percent

So, what does that means for you? It means that you must always buckle up when driving safely. Here are some safe vehicle driving guidelines to help you ensure that you and your passengers have a secure seat belt:

It’s a good idea to make it a habit of getting into the routine of buckling up the moment you arrive in your car before starting the engine. Set a great example ensure that all your passengers buckle their seat belts by setting a good example. It sets the tone for others by wearing your seatbelt when driving. Speak up: Make sure that passengers are reminded to wear their seat belts even if they aren’t willing to.

Following these simple safe car driving guidelines can make sure that everyone in the car is always buckled up this is a small step you can take to make your roads more secure for all.

2. Don’t Text and Drive

Driving distracted can be risky but it’s not difficult to spot. It’s been estimated that texting while driving can increase your chance of being involved in an accident by 23 times! But, despite this fact, far too many people continue to text when driving.

Here are some good driving guidelines for drivers who are unable to take away from their smartphones while driving.

1. Keep your phone out of the reach of. 2. Go to a safer area first if you must utilize your cell phone. 3. Take your phone to the airport if there are passengers traveling on the journey. 4. Make sure to remember that sending and receiving emails aren’t secure.

These safety driving tips can assist you in driving safely.


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