10 Tips for Accepting Divorce and Moving On –

Addiction to substances and domestic violence. The recognition that most couples will ultimately divorce is the first step to accepting and moving on.

The main issue is the possibility of spouses being amicable when it comes time to file for divorce, and how they can reach an agreement that is not disagreement. The emotional aspect divorces make it challenging to get two sides to come to a common agreement about specific points. It is common for warring factions to argue over assets, custody or other joint interests. Which is the most effective way to divorce? There are many angles to this subject. In deciding on a consensus, factors for example, the safety of children is the most important factor.

Moving on is about letting go of the past and looking at the larger overall picture. In spite of any circumstances during the divorce, couples must find ways to get through the separation without having any issues. Obsession with the past is one of the reasons that result in depression , and makes rash decisions. Marriages that are successful require a deal of energy and time. It is difficult to pack a bag and leave. To ease the transition and ensure that both spouses the services of a divorce attorney are essential.

The statistics of divorce that you should know About

According to the Washington State Department of Health The U.S. has the 6th highest divorce rate globally. Although there’s a slight drop in divorce rates in couples with a minimum age of 35, the figure still stands at a 41% separation rate. This study finds an increase of 60% in second marriages and 70 percent of third-marriages end with divorce. These numbers indicate that the rate of divorce for women has doubled in the past 60 years.

The research published by the Journal of Gerontology indicates that 25% of divorces occur by people aged 50 and over. An alarming statistic is that one divorce takes place once every sixteen seconds across the U.S which is about 172 divorces each hour. Wilkinson and Finkbeiner, a Divorce and Family Law firm.


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