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New Server Rack Shelves

Written by admin on July 7, 2013. Posted in Half height server rack, Server rack

Server enclosures

Did you know that climate is a big deal when it comes to the impact it can have on energy consumption in a server room? It is extremely critical to maintain the proper humidity level and temperature in a room that is used as an IT server. Doing so helps prevent the server from going down. When a data center or server room is designed you must prioritize the inclusion of air conditioning and fire protection. These are the two most critical elements to pay attention to when designing a server room.

Server rack shelves are also important. They used to use a gas called Halon gas for fireproofing. However, that practice was stopped when they discovered the gas was depleting the ozone layer. Halon gas is also dangerous to your health. When choosing the right features for your server configuration you must also c