A Day in the Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon – health-SPLASH

The surgeons they treat treat a broad range of bone problems and injuries. An orthopedic surgeon can be an excellent option following an injury to an athlete. These are the experts that offer treatment for injuries from athletics, breaks, sprains and other bone injury.

These specialists often work closely with physical therapists and other doctors as part of the team that treats patients.

A day for a surgeon is one full of surgical consultations, patient procedures, as well as recording, diagnosis and record-keeping. This video demonstrates what it’s like working as surgeon.

The video shows an resident physician who discusses a day of his work with viewers and demonstrates how a shift of 24 hours is like. The MedSchool Insiders documentary is an eye-opener and can make you appreciate how hard it is to work in residency. Watch the video now to get your insiders look at every day working life of this surgeon.


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