A Guide to Silverfish – Digital Arts Magazine


your local silverfish control expert.

The silverfish is a very rare mob. Silverfish can be only seen in two areas. There are the extreme biomes or strongholds. They won’t be seen in a horde of activity. There’s a small probability that they’ll reproduce if a block of stone is broken in either of these locations. Silverfish spawners are located in the portal room towards the back of the stronghold. It continues to produce silverfish every tick until it’s completely destroyed.

Silverfish can be found in a variety of places, they are very weak. Silverfish only have four hearts of health , and can do the equivalent of half a heart. While they aren’t as ferocious They make up by their sheer numbers. They’re usually targeted in small numbers. Additionally, they are small hitboxes making them hard to engage. The best way to exterminate these pests is to use a sword with sweeping edge. The sword is the most efficient because it comes with an extremely fast cooldown as well as the sweeping-edge enchantment improves the effect. When you kill one of these animals, the silverfish drops 5 exp orbs.


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