Advantages of having Christian education

A Christian education, generally is the type of education that incorporates Christian teachings into academic teaching. In other words, Christian education is the process of nurturing and educating students into mature highly skilled and educated Christians. This type of Christian education is usually offered by Christian schools. Examples of these are the many Catholic and Christian schools across the country and across the globe. Another type of Christian education is wherein only Christian teachings are taught to the students. The students will then attend the regular school for the proper mandatory education.

There are many benefits to having Christian education, whether it is taken from the regular Christian or Catholic schools or from churches and other religious institutions that offer Christian education through its various programs. One of the benefits of a Christian education is that it clarifies many of the issues that create confusion in the minds of students which they carry with them through adulthood, such as science versus religion. Those who learned Christian teachings would be able to reconcile the two seemingly conflicting ideas.

Another benefit of having this type of education is that it develops the personality of the student in a way that he knows the difference between right and wrong and what is moral and immoral. The problem with many of the students today is that they lack guidance in this aspect that the challenges of growing up become unbearable. This is the reason why some students end up in shooting their classmates and teachers. With Christian education, students will be taught how to deal with such problems because they will be taught, not just the values of being a good Christian, but the tools on how to put these teachings into practice and adapt them in their daily lives.

Another benefit of Christian education is that most of them are like support group in a sense that students become part of their group. They are welcome and treated like families. Thus, aside from having their own families, they gain lifelong friends. They can also turn to their moderators and teachers for problems and guidance. The most important thing about this is that the students will not feel alone and alienated and will grow up well adjusted and socially responsible. Most importantly with this type of education, children will grow up with a sense of morality and value, integrity, self worth and positive view of humanity.

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