Businesses Gaining New Leads Online Through SEO Reseller Programs


The ways of doing business have evolved over the years. The business world is certainly one that thrives off of the concept of survival of fittest. A business that is considered the “fittest” is one that is able to stand out among the competition and succeed against the odds. Today, standing out is one of the greatest challenges that a business faces. When people use search engines to find products or services now, they are presented with numerous options for what they are looking for. Though this may be to the advantage of consumers, it is causing many businesses to struggle. Online marketing companies have been providing solutions to these problems over the years. Companies that resell social media and offer services such as white label SEO reseller plans can help a business see the type of success that they are seeking online.

Forrester Research is predicting that by 2016, online sales are expected to grow from 7 percent of overall retail sales to close to 9 percent. Additionally, increased online connectivity through the use of tablets and smartphones has enabled consumers to be more informed than ever. This has caused brick and mortar stores to face unprecedented challenges from online retailers.

Due to the preferences of search engine users for the links that appear on the first page of results, search engine rankings have become very important to the success of businesses. With the marketing strategy of search engine optimization, the organic ranking of a website can increase its overall quality and content visibility will improve. The close rate of SEO leads 14.6 percent, as opposed to outbound leads, such as direct mail or print advertising, which have a close rate of only 1.7 percent. Businesses that are looking to succeed through a greater web presence may benefit from the assistance of companies that resell social media and SEO plans.

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