Camshafts 101 – Car Talk Podcast

Crankshafts play an essential role to the way that your engine operates. They can open and close inlet and outlet valves in the engine, in conjunction with the crankshaft. These valves allow your engine to breathe, essentially. You’ll be a more responsible car owner if you know the best ways to care for your camshaft and camshaft, which includes grinding.

The cams on the camshaft are egg-shaped lobes that control the valves on the engine. The highest point on the camshaft is called the top, where it pushes the valve into open. As soon as the valve touches the base circle, it will close. Between the base circular and the nostril are ramps. The steeper the ramp, the quicker the mechanism to shut and open the valves.

The term “lift” refers to the extent which the cam opens the valve. If the lever is located in the front of the cam amount is measured to find out what the diameter of the opening inside the valve is. The 500 lift represents 5th-thousandths of an inch which is one-half inch. Duration is a different word to be aware of. It is the time that it takes the door to fully open and then close fully is known as duration.

More details are available in the video.


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