Snap Rivets, Cable Glands, and Grommets What Hardware Do You Need?

Written by admin on October 2, 2013. Posted in Nylon cable glands, Releasable zip ties, T knobs

Metal zip ties

There are little things in our lives, located discreetly all over, that make it easier. They are not little gnomes, elves, and pixies helping us to find keys and missing socks. More important, actually. They are the little pieces of hardware nestled in every single machinery and piece of furniture and anything constructed. Without those valuable little, innocuous pieces of metal and plastic, things would be constantly falling apart.

We all know about screws and nuts and bolts, those are old news. But what about some other pieces that are designed to keep your life in motion? Do you know about those?

  • Snap Rivets
  • Snap rivets are the second piece of an important combination. They use regular snaps for one end,