Choose The Cheapest DITY Option When Moving military

The cheapest DITY move option is just handling the whole thing yourself. When doing a military related relocation, families that are forced to move have the option of having the government move them or they can move themselves. When a family decides to move themselves to their new location they will be in control of the whole process. By using the cheapest DITY move option families can save money during what could be a stressful time.

During a military DITY move you also receive 25,000 dollars of insurance coverage for your personal belongings. This helps families that want to keep control of their military move while also taking advantage of the cheapest dity move option.

Because this is not a government assisted move there are certain expense that need to be taken care of by the mover rather than the military during military moving. Expenses like, all insurance fees, meals and lodging, sales tax, auto transportation, a tow dolly and gas for any additional vehicles.

If you are lost on how to start this process, you do not need to worry. Punching the DITY move calculator can be stressful and the military is aware of that fact. Because of this, the military family center at your duty relocation offers a Relocation Assistance Program that provides moving information to all military families. Getting this assistance helps make this the cheapest DITY move option for military participants and their families.

When the government move option is chose over the cheapest DITY move option military family moves are paid for by the government and the payment system works because of a thing called The Government Constructed Cost. This is how much it would have cost the government to move you had you not chose the cheapest DITY move option. The does not exceed the members weight allowance when in the process of moving. Continue reading here.

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