Collagen Can Be Used for Skin Care

Collagen cream for wrinkles

When you hear about collagen, it is typically within the realm of plastic surgery. While it often used in the medical field in cases of treatment for burn victims or for cosmetic reasons, it often seems to be overlooked that natural collagen accounts for 30% of all the proteins in the human body.

Though collagen started out as adhesive used in Egypt more than 4,000 years ago, it now has a variety of purposes. Collagen skin care products can also be used in dermatology. A prime example of this is collagen cream for scars. While some may use it to improve the look of skin, it can be used to combat the affects of aging. In women, this process begins to take affect as early as the mid-20’s.

Because about 15% of the typical person’s weight is comprised of skin, it is important to take appropriate care of it. Whether you want to supplement the natural proteins in your body or you simply want to combat wrinkles, you may want to consider natural collagen cream.

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