Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid – GLAMOUR HOME

It’s simple to make errors. Julie Khuu, interior designer, discusses how homeowners can be sure not to make the biggest errors when it comes to kitchen remodeling.

Measure the floor area of your kitchen. This helps you decide what appliances and fixtures will fit comfortably in your kitchen. The measurements you take should be noted down. Take note of how long the doorways are. Numerous homeowners have bought the stove or refrigerator that they have always wanted, but then discover the shock of their lives when they discover that they don’t have enough room to pass through or aren’t able to fit into the space they were allocated.

New doors need to open outside the kitchen instead of inside. This ensures they do not impact anything, such as brand new kitchen appliances or cabinets. The door’s minimum width must be of the size of 32 inches. A passageway that does not contain doors should be at a minimum of 36 inches size.

At least 150 inches total in counter space is recommended. This allows you plenty of room to prepare meals, lay the dishes out for serving, with plenty of room for smaller appliances such as coffeemakers or toasters. There should be the space of 18 inches on one hand and 24 inches on the other. Stoves should not be located on counters. It will be effortless to prepare and serve hot food. sbtyqxj2ym.

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