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Could cause partial or complete blindness.

To diagnose binocular sight disorders To diagnose binocular sight disorders, it’s essential to be aware of binocular vision. It allows us to see the world in three dimensions and not only a single retinal image. Two eyes can accomplish this via working in tandem, making it possible to perceive and interact with the world around us stereoscopically.

Binocular vision is when both eyes align correctly so their visually lines (line of sight) meet at a specific place in the space. People lose the ability to look at three-dimensional objects before them if they are in the wrong eye alignment.

Binocular vision can also allow the perception of depth and distance. This is how we discriminate different objects from one another at a particular point in space. Our perception of motion is dependent upon the ability to discern the depth. A person with a severe visual impairment can struggle to recognize objects behind the person, even though they are close.

Binocular vision is required in order to connect with the world around us. This is crucial for seeing.

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