Do Diamonds Matter?

Northern virginia engagement rings

If you are ready to take the next step in your relationship, you will want to find the best DC jewelry stores that specialize in selling the perfect engagement rings. Unless you have heirloom engagement rings on hand, you might not know what kind of ring you are looking for. Thankfully, your favorite Washington DC jewelers can help you find the perfect engagement rings, but how do you find the perfect jeweler?

The first step in looking for a jeweler, like looking for any other important service, is to find shop you feel comfortable in. If the attendants are attentive and helpful, they will not pressure you into buying immediately, and they will take your needs into consideration, especially concerning budget. As far as budget is concerned, do not worry about the whole 2 months salary tradition. Though some jewelry stores price accordingly, that tradition was a marketing campaign for a diamonds company. If your fiance loves you, they will appreciate the gesture more than the cost. As a final note, if you want to have a wedding ring custom made to complement the engagement rings, make sure the jeweler will do that for you.

As far as the ring is concerned, band and stone are the important details. Diamonds are the tradition for the stone, but if your fiance to be is not into diamond engagement rings, plenty of other stones can be put into engagement rings. The band can be silver, gold, or platinum depending on your budget and tastes of your fiance, just be careful because gold can makes diamonds look yellow. See this link for more references.

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