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Innovative tax solutions

OK, so you find yourself looking down the barrel of some issue with the IRS, and you are looking for some innovative tax solutions. It is not at all surprising that you are looking some problems. The IRS and other tax entities are sometimes so confusing, you may not know if you are coming or going. Here is a very interesting tax fact that may illuminate why the tax code is so confusing to the average American. In Chicago, fountain soda drinks are taxed at 9 percent; however, if it comes in a can or a bottle, it is only taxed at 3 percent. Does that call for innovative tax solutions or what? In 1989, tax payers in 36 states could file taxes electronically; and by 1990 everyone could. This means that there is more need for innovative tax solutions.

While that does seem humorous, finding yourself in hot water with the IRS is in no way funny, and does call for innovative tax solutions. The IRS is a powerful entity and has been so from early in the history of the United States. The Constitution of the United States, adopted in 1878, gave the federal government to authority to lay and collect taxes. However, part of these tax revenues have to be give to the states in proportion to populations.

While the IRS can levy or seize your assets, even your assets in possession of a third party such as a mortgage on a house, the Constitution forbids the IRS or any government entity to take possession of property without due process. This rule applies to any IRS levy.

If you are seeking innovative tax solutions, help with IRS debt, or help with tax problems, you should definitely seek the help of professionals. Many companies employ accountants and attorneys who have years of experience dealing with the IRS and can offer innovative tax solutions.

Dealing with the IRS is not something you should do by yourself, especially if you need innovative tax solutions, help with IRS tax problems, or tax debt problems. Do some homework and find a company that can help you get out from under your IRS issues.
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