Do You Need Pest Prevention or Pest Control –

This video offers a short outline of the most important differences.

Pest prevention is a proactive method to prevent pests from getting out from a building and control is a reactive response. Pest Control is the application of pesticides whether required or not, to control the pest population in and around the home. We’ve all seen it. This isn’t always the way you thought it would be. Sometimes, an expert will arrive at your house on a regular schedule and spray something along the baseboards.

A long-term effective pest control strategy requires a scheduled pest management program. Extermination of pests isn’t the best option for urgent pest issues. Instead, take a look at an effective pest control program. The cost of pest control is greatly reduced if termites can be kept from doing major destruction to the structure of your home. Effective bed bug protection can be far more affordable than extermination. Even though pest control requires a bigger investment of time, people and resources initially after the process is installed, it is an automatic process and reduces facility’s pest exposure.

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