Epoxy Garage Flooring – Remodeling Magazine


There are certain steps you should follow before applying your epoxy coating to the garage floor. It is recommended to apply water spray on the flooring in order to see if there is a seal in place. You don’t need a seal coat in the event that water gets into your flooring. It is necessary to wash your floor using a degreaser in case the water is able to pull away.

Next, you will need to use acid so you will want ensure that you use the right rubber gloves and goggles for security. The next step is to add a container of acid in a two gallon Jug of water to make the solution less dilute. A plastic water can with a sprinkler is the most suitable jug for this job. These jugs can be purchased at your local Lowes, or at Home Depot.

Be sure that your flooring is dry prior to sprinkle the acid solution over your garage flooring. After you have completed your first step, and have removed any chemicals, you are able to take your floor and vacuum it. You are now ready for the process of epoxy.


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