Essential Information on Employee Health Care Packages

Health insurance

Did you know that Canadians receive their health care via a health care system that funded by the Canadian government? For the most part, all of these health care services are free, and are offered to citizens through private health care providers. As the United States’ current struggles with its “Affordable Health Care Act” is demonstrating at this very moment, the organized distribution of federally-funded health care is no small task.

Since Canadian employment benefit services offer free health care benefits for employees, it should come as no surprise that the Strategic Counsel has reported that more than 90% of Canadian citizens would choose the Canadian health care system over the American system. However, the above survey was taken before the United States’ “Affordable Health Care Act” was set into motion in the fall of 2013. Actually, in light of the disastrous roll out of the so-called “Obamacare” program, a new survey would probably show that 100% of Canadians would prefer the Canadian-style health care model.

When it comes to employee benefits packages, most intelligent employees view their health benefits plans as extensions of their salaries. After all, the average family of four would spend around $15,000 per year if they were not covered by a good employee health benefit plan. As such, a good employee benefit plan is now expected when an employee is hired for a full time position.

Before you complain about your current salary, stop and think about your employee benefit plan. This is especially true for people who visit their doctors and dentists on a regular basis. The cost of medical care is outrageous, that nobody but the most wealthy individuals can even think about living without health insurance coverage.

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