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In ancient times, they built enormous statues. Some people love to have tattoos created or to establish foundations named in honor of a deceased loved one. Ash jewelry (also also known as cremation jewelry) is an affordable alternative. It keeps a portion of the cremated remains, such as ashes or hair from the funeral, within reach. Yahoo Finance looks at what it’s like to create cremation jewelry to be used by a living.

Jewelry for cremation is a rising business because increasing numbers of people prefer cremations over burials. Getting a beautiful piece of jewelry that incorporates the ashes of a loved one, as well as other mementos helps those who mourn to come to terms with their loss. It’s not only a business that demands the longest hours, but also will bring comfort and beauty into customers’ lives.

Designing cremation jewelry is a collaborative effort between artists and mourners. A designer can come up with ideas such as a dove-shaped heart made from the cremated remains. The grieving person can have a request for a unique design that is based on the pet they cherish the most. Jewelry can be bracelets, brooches, rings or brooches however, most of the time the client chooses a necklace. 7pmnvgybmx.

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