Get the compensation you need when working overseas

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Finding highly qualified Defense base act attorneys could be the best thing possible for those that were injured while working overseas or on docks, that now feel like they may qualify for Jones Act workers compensation. Today, there are tons of people working overseas in one form or another. There are thousands that may qualify for Jones act workers compensation that are working in supporting operations around the world, with approximately 155,000 contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq alone!

Skilled DBA lawyers will know that the initial technical requirement for the Defense Base Act is to report an injury immediately to an individuals supervisor. The Longshore and Harbor workers compensation act provides over $747 million in medical, vocational and monetary rehabilitation benefits.

A Jones Act workers compensation attorney could also inform their clients about several other essential facts, including the fact that maritime claims usually refer to claims by people working on boats, oil platforms and rigs, cargo ships and other seaworthy vessels. Docks, riverways and terminals are included also. A Jones Act workers compensation lawyer should also inform their clients how injuries that result in death are another special type of DBA case. Death benefits include reasonable expenses for a funeral, up to $3,000. Survivors can also receive benefits, based on the average weekly wages of a worker. More research here:

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