House Stands No Chance Against Vicious Tornado Todays Entertainment News

There are times when a house is expected that is ripped apart to only a piece of trash in only a few minutes. It is even more difficult to imagine a force as powerful. They can be a powerful force of nature. Your trusted roofer is the person you should phone. The winds of tornadoes are in excess of 200 miles per hour. They twist and cut until it disappears. In this clip, you’ll witness a terrifying tornado making quick work of buildings.

The video starts with the camera panning across a tree. On the opposite side is a frightful tornado. The tornado looms down into the sky. The storm is being chased by the storm chaser. It’s clear that it spinning debris for hundreds of feet in the air. The tornado is literally dumping pieces of homes onto the surface. It lifts girders and beams hundreds of feet in the sky like it’s nothing. If you pay attention, you can hear a bone battling whir of the winds tearing things apart. It’s truly an alarming as well as a stunning image.


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