How Apartments for Elderly Parents Should Be Set Up Turning Your Basement Into an Apartment – Family Issues

Its service can handle all these.

House cleaning companies in the area can assist you in organizing and sorting your clutter into boxes. They’ll make your basement clean smelly and clean, ready for remodeling. They can be reached to wash the basement to prepare the area for occupancy following the remodeling.

The setting up within the Space

It’s been cleaned by professionals your space and have a basement clean and dry for renovation. What do you need to do to create a look for your basement as the home for senior citizens? Here are seven suggestions to help you set up the space you have.

1. Make new floors

The most likely scenario is that your flooring will consist of cement. Don’t let your elderly parents running around in the cold cement. Since there is a risk of warping from cement sweat and accumulated moisture, wood carpet shouldn’t be utilized. This is why you should choose carpet that is warmer, resistant to moisture, and non-slip.

Tiles made of engineered wood or carpets are the most popular flooring options. Because seniors will be in the space for living, the floor needs to be relatively soft in order to minimize risk of injury in case of falls. However, it’s a tight line since they’ll also require comfort and aesthetic appeal.

2. Upgrade Lighting

Lighting is another important factor in basements being utilized as homes for elderly parents’ families. The CDC suggests that you ensure your home is filled with light by adding bright light bulbs. The bright light fixtures can be used to help compensate basements without natural lighting.

For lighting fixtures to choose opt for neutral colors that don’t leave shadows and basement gloom. To stay clear of electrical hazards and loose wires, make certain you get a licensed electrician to put in the light. Create a comfortable and bright area for senior citizens by properly designing and installing the lighting.

3. Install and select a senior-friendly bathroom style

They may become more mobile if have recently old enough to retire.


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