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r in court, and non-contested. This occurs where both spouses have a consensus on the details of divorce, and are not required the burden of going to court for family.
Are husbands and wives able to file for divorce?

If you’re married, and you want to divorce, but your spouse doesn’t agree, the judge may have to be involved to file divorce documents.

In the majority of states, one person may petition the court for divorce on behalf of both parties. However, it’s only legal in certain states, if your spouse agrees or if you have grounds for divorce or annulment.

Unilateral Divorce

The court submits the divorce petition for the spouse who filed. When the divorce petition is filed, papers, the court will notify the spouse via mail. It’s not unusual for one spouse to apply for divorce.

If you’ve filled out the right legal forms for state courts and follow the right procedures, you’ll generally be able to obtain divorce with no consent from your spouse, or going through the waiting process. There are free legal divorce documents on the internet.

In order to be successful in filing a divorce petition it is necessary to have the services of a lawyer as well as your divorce paperwork, including your marriage certificate , as well as prior divorce documents of your previous spouse’s marriage or other marriages.


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