How Exactly Does Metal Recycling Work – Customer Support Portal

We will follow the tale of an old fridge through an initiative to recycle metal. It made it to the recycling center. All loose things as well as cables are taken out of the refrigerator. Doors are removed. The compressors which are used to cool the refrigerator could be taken out using an identical device as is used by the emergency services”jawsoflife,” also known as “jawsof the life”. The refrigerator is then treated by liquid nitrogen in order to stop any explosions from chemicals contained in the fridge.

The fridge is now ready for recycling. It’s thrown into a gigantic machine called the cross cut grinder which reduces it to tiny fragments. The bits are dried by a different hug machine, the drying screw.

When dry, the bits are filtered through a sieve, and then to a bagging station. Metal and plastic are separated through a massive magnetic field that rotates. Metal fragments are kept in large storage containers. The steel content of refrigerators is approximately 65%. This makes it ready for new products. Additionally, it contains 12% plastic, which is also recyclable. z8mon6p7qp.

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