How to Add More Privacy to Your Home – Las Vegas Home

An alternative way to increase the privacy of your home is tinting the glass. This alternative is glass door tinting. In this video, you will learn how you can install window tint at home. If you’re not able to make the time or want extra assistance, think about calling your local professional.

There are six steps to the installation of window tint. You must ensure that the window is free of any residue. It is possible to use baby shampoo to clean the windows and scraper to check that all residue has gone. This step, however, can be a bit nebulous for the majority of windows. Instead, if there is nothing left behind on your window Clean it the way you usually would using something such as an ammonia free cleaning solution. The third step is to determine the size of your windows, and then cut the film accordingly. Tape can be used to serve as a cutting reference. The fourth step is to spray the mixture of water and baby shampoo over the window. The window will become slippery, and the film is able to easily be moved. Next, place the film, in sections, one at a time, on the window. Fifth step: apply the baby shampoo mixture directly to the film. Lastly, use a knife to cut off the corner of the film into a 45 degree angle. Then, you are able to cut off any extra film.


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