How to Keep Your Chimney Safe and Working Efficiently

Steel chimney liners

Did you know that the Romans used to use tubes inside walls to draw smoke out of buildings like bakeries? Their primitive creation was essentially a precursor to chimneys, which did not appear in Europe until about the 12th century. Chimneys are used to remove fireplace smoke from a building, but they propose some risks, especially if people do not maintain their chimneys.

One thing that can help with chimney safety is chimney caps. Chimney covers, or chimney caps, are used to keep out leaves and debris from outside. Chimney caps can make cleaning a chimney a lot easier, and are often used in conjunction with chimney liners. A correctly fitting chimney liner can help to keep creosote from building up and causing a dangerous and serious house fire.

Creosote fires are estimated to result in about 15,000 residential fires every year. Cleaning chimneys is a great way to keep debris and other stuff from building up and can significantly reduce the chances of a house fire, so it is very wise to invest in chimney caps if you have a fireplace in your home.

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