How to Plan Your Upcoming Military DITY Move

Dity moves do the moving people pack your stuff?

If you’re a member of the armed servers about to make a personally procured move, or DITY move, conscientious planning is key to reduce the stress of a military move.

There are many considerations to be made, first among them being the form of transportation used. Acceptable options in a military DITY move include privately owned trailers and personal vehicles, of course, but other methods are also available. These include “you load, they drive” companies, commercial movers, and shipment with parcel post. It is important to note that military moves are not advisable when relocating overseas.

A DITY move calculator may be of assistance when determining which expenditures to make, especially because you can be compensated for many of them. Such reimbursable expenses include not only truck or trailer rentals, a hand truck rental, and packing material costs, but other related costs like gas and tolls for the rental vehicle and the rental of furniture pads and packing blankets.

The DITY military moving program can also be used in combination with other programs. For instance, household goods may be shipped using a Government Bill of Landing and the balance under the DITY program, provided that weight allowance requirements are met.

Above all, doing your due diligence is absolutely essential. Do not hire companies that do not have a trusted record. In fact, seeking out moving companies that have participated in the military move program in the past is highly recommended, and will assure a safe and efficient transition for you and your family.

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