How Upright Headstones Are Installed – Boston Equator

rent tasks in an cemetery get completed. In particular, you may discover the process of putting up headstones fascinating. They’re after all, large and weighty pieces of stone. They aren’t easy to transport across grassy terrain. It’s even more difficult to set the upright into an unmovable position.

The headstone must stand upright and be able to withstand the most harsh weather conditions like strong flooding, winds and other extremes. Nobody wants to have to visit the cemetery every storm in order to collect the gravestones of loved family members. To stop this from happening the headstones must have the foundation of a solid and deep. To ensure security, the installer must dig three feet.

The concrete which holds the headstone up gets mixed in the ground. It may take 10 to 20 bags depending on how large the headstone’s dimensions are. When the headstone has been installed it must be covered with a seal. The sealing method used differs, however the purpose is to secure the headstone on the foundation. It’s not an easy job yet it’s a vital task.


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