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Douglast e. fleit

Are you interested in buying commercial real estate? Commercial real estate investing is a major driver of the U.S. economy. American Real Estate Partners, a commercial real estate investing firm, deals primarily in real estate financial instruments and commercial real estate assets significant to the major markets along the Eastern Seaboard. Somewhat counter intuitively, American Real Estate Partners behaves entirely as a principal, as opposed to being an adviser or capital allocator.

The head honchos of American Real Estate Partner are the CEO, Douglas E. Fleit and the COO and President, Brian L. Katz. Douglas E. Fleit has over 35 years of high level experience in every aspect of commercial real estate, across more than 40 office markets throughout the country. Douglas E. Fleit has had transactional experience in a number of disparate areas such as acquisition, sales, leasing, disposition, development, and finance, equaling out to more than 30 million square feet of real estate transactions. He is a distinguished real estate professional as well as an investor in American Real Estate Partners targeted markets. The superior acumen of Douglas E. Fleit is instrumental in helping American Real Estate Partners and its affiliates to amass both valuables and resources that correspond to the needs of institutional investment partners. So too does Mr. Fleit position equity in order to properly maximize value.

Douglas E. Fleit and Brian Katz have captured an estimated $1.8 billion in assets, primarily of the office sort. These traversing significant office markets across the Mid Atlantic, such as including New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Raleigh Durham, and Washington, D.C. and its Maryland and Northern Virginia suburbs. Mr. Katz, the aforementioned President and COO earned a Masters of Real Estate degree from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Maryland. Mr. Katz has within his reach more than 25 years of high level experience concerning all aspects of commercial real estate including asset management, development, capital markets, acquisition, and leasing. He and Douglas E. Fleit had ground level involvement in the sourcing, acquiring, and financing of an estimated $1.8 billion in office, flex, industrial, and residential assets, acquired by American Real Estate Partners from one end to the other of targeted Mid Atlantic commercial real estate markets.

Both Douglas E. Fleit and Brian Katz aknow all about the risks involved in commercial real estate. These risks depend on many variables, such as market conditions, the behavior of current tenants, and the odds that tenants will go on renewing their leases multiple times over the years. According to Real Capital Analytics, a New York real estate research firm, more than $160 billion worth of commercial properties in the United States are in default, foreclosure, or bankruptcy right now. It takes an excellent team to utilize the facts as opportunities to enrich personal wealth but to also as a means of creating new solutions to old commercial real estate issues. Douglas E. Fleit and Brian Katz are invested in doing both.
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