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I know what you are thinking. Jobs in finance industry are for boring, middle aged guys with a shirt and tie and a briefcase. You could not be farther from the truth. Some of the best jobs in finance industry are high risk, high reward, excitement packed careers. The key is to understand and enjoy numbers. That is it. That is one of the main reasons that people have so many misconceptions about accounting jobs, banking careers and jobs in finance. Some people just cannot grasp the idea that someone can be interested and fascinated enough by numbers and math to the point where they want to make it a career.

Accountancy, the fancy name for accounting, is when financial records are produced and maintained for an organization. Sometimes, if the company is big enough, they will have their own accountant, who devotes all of their working time to that one company. Or a smaller company will hire an outside accountant, who usually has several other clients, to come in and keep track of the books. Another position in finance is known as a controller, such as the specialized hedge fund controller. The more exciting and glamorous positions, and therefore the most high stakes intense positions, are in investment banking.

One of the biggest problems with the industry is that almost all of the entry level jobs for finance and accounting are what you think about when someone says “accountant” to you. The sit at desk, crunch numbers, do the math, kind of job. Decidedly not exciting. And only a select few accountants really have enough zeal to find the adventure in that job. But, it is difficult to get into a job higher up in the field without a lot of experience, taking the boring job as a stepping stone, or years of schooling. In fact, some companies require their fund accountant managers to have anywhere from three to five years of experience in things like hedge funds, equity firms and investment banking. And, in order for a financial planner to be the most in demand and boast official certification in financial planning, they must have at least three years of financial planning experience, pass several tests, including the one that lasts for ten hours over two days doing a case study, and then continue to take courses in their field.

Jobs in finance industry can be exciting and epic, I promise. It merely requires a degree of patience, practice, education and experience in order to attain that goal. Yes, it is a lot of work. But any good job that will set you up for a lifetime career is going to be. You just need the dedication and energy to strive through the tough spots. Read this website for more information.

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