Looking to Broaden Your Company’s Customer Base? Search Engine Optimization May Help

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Of all Internet activities, an overwhelming 93% of them start with the use of a search engine. Of those who utilize search engines such as Google, 42% select the website that is ranked the highest. With this in mind, if you run a company that is looking to improve website ranking and utilize online reputation management, you’ll want to seriously consider using search engine optimisation tools.

Ideally, search engine optimization (SEO) results will lead to more prospective customers discovering your site, which can mean more sales for your business. In order to reach that kind of goal, it is important that SEO include the use of pertinent keywords on your website. This way, these keywords will help potential customers to find your company when they are looking for the particular products or services that you provide.

That said, reputable search engine optimization is not just the result of effective keywords, but how those keywords are integrated into the copy on the website. The copy should be informative, first and foremost. To that end, content marketing and SEO are ideally combined in a single marketing campaign.

“Optimized content marketing” occurs when these two facets of marketing are joined together with quality social media marketing management. One example of this is when companies use Facebook to link customers to the content that they provide on their websites. In fact, more than three quarters of companies that market specifically to customers report that Facebook has helped them to increase their respective customer bases.

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