Making The Most Of Military Moving

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How you handle your military moving could actually be a way to generate a small amount of profit for yourself or your family. A DITY move, or “Do It Yourself” move, is a program through which members of the military can relocate and be reimbursed by the government if they choose to move their own belongings instead of relying on movers that the branch hires. This can allow you to make your military moving experience easier to handle under your own terms, and you will be reimbursed for a predetermined amount regardless of how much you actually spend once you take the move into your own hands. By using a DITY move calculator it may be possible to weigh the pros and cons of doing your own military moving on a budget, which can help you to project how much you could possibly save and get in the form of reimbursement once the move is completed.

A Military DITY move can happen whether you are on temporary duty, temporary additional duty, or receive a permanent change of station. Military moving can be handled in many different ways, although the program for reimbursement actually incentivizes the task of handling the move on your own. Through this program it is also possible to make sure that all of your belongings are being handled according to how you wish them to be, by the people that you designate to handle your move, instead of whoever the military branch hires to do so. The costs of military moving can include the trailer rental, the packing materials that are used, gas and oil for the truck, and tolls that will be paid. These are all reimbursable under a military move and should be accurately recorded.

Some of the authorized methods of handling military moving on a DITY basis can include using your own personal vehicle or trailer, or hiring a commercial moving company, and even shipment through parcel post. These are all approved methods through which you can still be reimbursed for the move itself, making your move much easier to budget once you already know what will and will not be counted amongst the official list. The DITY program itself can be used in combination with other programs as well, such as shipping your household goods on a GBL, or Government Bill of Lading, following weight specifications and guidelines accordingly.
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