Paternity testing in Houston

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A lot of paternity testing is going on in Houston. The reason for the test is to find out who the father is of the unborn baby. You can buy kits now to do paternity testing in Houston. Paternity tests can be ordered online so you can do the test in the privacy of your own home. Of course, you can always go to your doctor to ask for paternity testing in Houston. When the father of the unborn infant is confirmed the mother can ask for financial support.

Paternity testing is 99% accurate. If the mother needs to prove who the biological father is, paternity testing in Houston can be used as evidence in court. This means that paternity testing in Houston is a very useful tool to use in child custody and child support payments are concerned. There are about two different tests that can be done for paternity testing in Houston. The best test to use will depend on how far along the mother is if she is going to get paternity testing in Houston. One is called a Chorionic Vilus Sampling, or CVS. This type of test is done between 10 to 12 weeks gestation. CVS paternity testing in Houston is done by testing fetal tissue in the placenta. They then compare it with the DNA that the mother is saying is the father.

After 12 weeks gestation the doctor will usually want to do an amniocentesis. Paternity testing in Houston that is done by amniocentesis is where they withdraw fluid from the woman’s uterus. This test and the CVS test is done in the hospital. They can also do paternity testing in Houston after the baby is born too. After birth, a swab is used to collect the baby’s DNA from the inside of the cheeks and then they compare it with that of their siblings and parents. That way they can tell if the children all have the same father.

Women or men who want paternity testing in houston done can always ask for it. Sometimes it truly is known who the father of an infant is. This is why the numbers of people who are asking for paternity testing in Houston is growing. You can find out more by contacting your pediatrician or obstetrician if you are interested in having paternity testing in Houston done.

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