Social Media is Important to SEO

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Just how important are SEO efforts, including social networking to the success of your website? The first obvious answer is that if potential customers cannot easily find your website, your website can be considered a failure. This is especially important if you conduct any sales online. A study by Forrester Research states that online sales are expected to rise from about 7% of total retail sales to almost 9% by 2016. Additional numbers and statistics show that by the same year, more than 50% of the money spent in retail in the United States will be directly influenced by web presence and online marketing efforts. You need to pay attention to web rankings and social media to ensure that you can take advantage of these numbers.

Search engine optimization or SEO can help get you listed higher on search engine results. You must have high page rankings because most Internet search users will usually not go past the first page of listings or results. Through social media and SEO, you can increase your organic rankings through the improvement of content quality and visibility. You may be wondering why organic results are important. About 79% of search engine users say that they click on natural organic results the majority of the time. About 80 percent of these same users say that they rarely, if ever click on paid links.

You should also understand that the search engine industry is worth about $16 billion dollars, so those services should not be ignored. You need to enhance your SEO efforts so that you can increase your visibility on this very lucrative market.

Social media is also becoming increasingly important to SEO. You need to make sure that you have a viable and well represented presence on social medial platforms. Many people are turning to social media when doing research on products and services. These people also say that they often visit websites they have seen on social media posting and sites.

As you can see, SEO and social media are important to the success of your website. Call the best SEO firm you can find and get started down the path to more business via your website.

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