Tesla EV Chargers for Your Home – Car Dealer A

There are plenty of choices in the selection of which charger you should use. It is important to consider the speed at which it is charging and the length of time it takes to charge fully. Let’s look at various Tesla EV chargers you can use.

It can charge up to eight hours at four mile speeds using the 110 volt charger. It is suitable for people who travel for short distances or that do not travel for days. The 230v adapter plug is required for charging. It will charge within about 11 hours, in 30 MPH.

The tesla wall connector is the fastest . It requires up to seven hours to charge with a speed of 45 miles an hour. It is able to be charged over night, and then it’s in good shape for the following day. If your vehicle is used frequently, or for driving long distances, you could have to look into installing the Tesla wall charger. Once installed all you need to do is plug it into your car and let it run for at least seven hours, and it will be good to take off.

There are many options. Prior to deciding on a charger be sure to do extensive research so you can determine what the perfect fit is for you.


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