The Benefits of Using a MacBook – Tech Talk Radio Show

, they offer benefits that can make them attractive purchases. The video outlines five advantages of selecting a Mac instead of a PC for 2022.

First, the M1 processor is as efficient at the time of release as processors like Intel Core i9. The M1 chip could fit in the MacBook’s compact form factor while still delivering performance and energy efficiency. There is now the M2 chip that is said to be 11.56% faster. Another benefit that a MacBook comes with a resales value. The older models can also be sold at a price of 50-60% from the initial cost. Windows PCs however can’t match the consistency.

The other benefit is the ecosystem which offers seamless productivity and connectivity tools across devices. Handoff, iMessage and AirDrop are only some of the examples. Fourth is that at 699 dollars it is a steal. M1 Mac mini provides great cost-per-dollar because of its outstanding performance. macOS can also be a more reliable and user-friendly operating system. Apple is also able to provide more assistance than PCs. This can sometimes be frustrating.


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