The Dangers of Bottled Water and the Safest Alternative

Bottleless water cooler

The consumption of bottled water by Americans has led to an immense problem for the environment. The problem, of course, is that most plastic bottle are never recycled; and thus, the 86 percent of plastic bottles that are not recycled usually end up in city landfills. This has lead to tons of plastic being unnecessarily injected into the earth. In fact, the problem has become so severe that the government will no longer provide funding for the use of bottled water in the municipalities of New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and parts of Chicago. As a result, the bottleless water cooler has become a logical and convenient alternative to bottled water use by companies and private residents.

Bottleless water coolers come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the hydration needs of all types of businesses and private folks. A bottleless water cooler is a point of use water cooler into which a water line pumps water from the municipal water supply. After processing the water through a cutting edge filtration system, the bottleless water cooler will supply both cold and hot water. Bottleless water dispensers and filtered water coolers often feature advanced reverse osmosis water purification systems, which can rid the tap water of at least 90 percent of fluoride, lead, arsenic, mercury, sulfate and other inorganic chemicals.

Considering that bottled water is usually nothing more than filtered and bottled tap water, it makes you wonder why people are willing to pay up to 1000 times more for the very same water that is available from their taps. If they are concerned about being able to drink water that has been filtered, water filters that fasten directly to the kitchen faucet can be acquired rather inexpensively. However, filter water coolers can be even more convenient for a private residence, for there are small or family sized models that take up no more counter space than a coffee maker. Further certain models of bottleless water coolers not only filter the water, but can offer both cold and hot water.

There are obvious advantages to owning a bottleless water cooler. They are cleaner, healthier, and provide a choice of cold or hot water. And, not too far down the road, the money saved will allow the bottleless water cooler to pay for itself. Considering these advantages, it would be difficult to make a convincing argument against purchasing a bottleless water cooler.

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